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This an open LJ Community for Capoeiristas worldwide. There are no specific group, regional, social, or political affiliations. Just an open forum for everybody who plays or follows Capoeira. This includes, but is not limited to, discussion on culture, history, techniques, and music.

This group has always been driven by the community. Some examples of items that can be posted are:

- Questions! We can answer them. :)
- Training logs.
- Experiences at encounters or seminars.
- Pictures and videos of any type, from any source.
- Links to other Capoeira sites and blogs.

Did i mention questions? Of course! This community is full of Capoeiristas from around the world, with all sorts of experience and knowledge. We also tend to be a gracious bunch, so please don't be afraid to ask away. Don't be intimidated if English isn't your first language - it's the second or third language for a lot of us, too.