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DaRua Berimbau Basics

My buddy with a camera and video skills (cjottawa) got together with me yesterday and we filmed the basic elements of playing a berimbau, with exercises that have helped me develop (I've been playing seriously for 4 years now, busking over the last year). we recorded without the caxixi first to make it clear what a bow by itself will sound like, another round of videos with more tocques and caxixi will be following after we tackle capturing some of our movements.

For those interested in learning/practicing the berimbau:
(wmv files to keep the size managable)

3 Basic Berimbau Tones: (first things ya gotta know)

Open - Low - "DOM" (dom)
Closed - High - "DIM" (deem)
Half-closed - Buzz - "SH" (sh)

5 Basic Berimbau Exercises: (things to practice)

Combo Buzz/Low - "SHSH DOM"
Combo Buzz/High - "SHSH DIM"
Combo High/Low - "SHSH DOM SHSH DIM"
Alternating Triplets
Stone Work

5 Basic Tocques (Rhythms) (the first five I learned)

Sao Bento Grande de Angola
Sao Bento Pequeno
Santa Maria

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