Tejano Samsquanch (amp23) wrote in global_capoeira,
Tejano Samsquanch

Recommended Reading

I'm sure many on the list have read this already, but thought I'd share for those who haven't.

Finished Book 1 of the 2006 english edition of Nestor Capoeira's 'A Street-Smart Song', even got most of the way through Book 2, which is his Master's thesis on the use of Capoeira in building a Brazillian Identity, covering how this illegal form of street expression was taken up by the brazillian establishment and turned into a sport by its two father-Mestres.

Just incredible stuff, for anyone interested in what can be learned of the game from one of its greatest historians. His insight is broader and deeper than anyone I've read or talked to, and done with a good deal of academic rigor, tracing the documentable developments from 1820 to today.

Grab a copy if you can. it's about 300 pages but reads quick. Nestor is great at communicating simply and directly very deep and complex topics like malicia (the focus of this book beyond the history)
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