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Either love me or leave me alone

Our event in Newark NJ

Professor Esperanca and the Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira family invite you to an Open Roda to officially inaugurate our new space. There will be a celebration afterwards with food and drinks, BYOB. We are also having a raffle with over $200 in prizes including berimbaus, capoeira shirts, and stickers.

Mark your calendar, clear you schedule, and come play capoeira and celebrate with Grupo Liberdade!

Friday May 15, 2009 - 7 PM
@Pico Arts
65 McWhorter St.
Newark, NJ

Open Roda / Celebration / Cake - $5 Admission
Brazilian Food - $5
Raffle Ticket - $5

Check out pics of the new space at http://www.capoeiranj.com

Professor Esperanca: (973) 931-6079
Pico Arts: D'boa: (973) 2230-7915

Everyone is welcome to come! We have guests coming from NJ, NY, CT and PA.
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