Tejano Samsquanch (amp23) wrote in global_capoeira,
Tejano Samsquanch

With love and respect to Vincente Ferreira Pastinha

Last night our grupo had a demo at a neighborhood party.
While our instructor taught the kids how to ginga and role,
I said a little ladainha for Mestre Pastinha

November is a time of Angola awareness in memory of Pastinha, who formalized the practice he was given by his father's father. He dedicated his life to Capoeira Angola, and died alone and destitute. We are lucky that his legacy has continued to spread through the few students who kept to his teachings.

"I practice the true Capoeira Angola and in my school they learn to be sincere and just. That is the Angola law. I inherited it from my grandfather. It is the law of loyalty. The Capoeira Angola that I learned - I did not change it here in my school… When my students go on they go on to know about everything. They know; this is fight, this is cunning. We must be calm. It is not an offensive fight. Capoeira waits (…). The good Capoeirista must know how to sing, play Capoeira and the instruments of Capoeira."
- M. Pastinha

Here's a video from the school of one of Pastinha's greatest students:

and his most famous ladaihna from the man himself:

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